Bean Bar

Bean Bar Old Port Limassol

Located just next to the main Square where all the events happen at Old Port Limassol, you’ll find the flagship store of Bean Bar Limassol. 


The store offers a variety of drinks from coffee to shakes and juices. 

I must say, if there’s one thing you MUST try its the Blue & Pink Superfood shakes

Superfood Shake Blue Pill contains the below
Blue spirulina powder, coconut milk, pineapple, pear, homemade passion fruit syrup
Superfood Shake Pink Diamond contains 
Pink pitaya powder, soya vanilla milk, banana, red apple, homemade strawberry syrup
The also have a 2 protein shakes for that after workout thirst and hunger quench. One with peanut butter and one with fresh bananas.
The also have a great range of fresh and healthy meals. From salads to sandwiches, wraps and yogurt pots. You’ll definitely find something according to your personal preferences. I really loved the croque madame.
Finally if you have a sweet tooth like me, they have a range of healthy bars or classic donuts, muffins and cookies. 
So if your not in Limassol, Do not worry, because Bean Bar is available in 8 Locations across Cyprus including Nicosia & Larnaca and via the usual delivery portals of Foody & Bolt.
More details on that information below.
For now here’s a gallery of products I personally tried and all verified 100% Yummy. By the way, you’ll instantly fall in love with the cute pink cups and one of the most instagrammable cafes in town.

See my Reel below

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